Saturday, October 16, 2010

Basement View Looking up
Hey, so here's the next image, this is again part of the gym I designed. The view your looking at is from the basement up at the underside of a Wii fitness platform which at one end is connected to the aerobics area and at the top end is connected to an extended floor plate that is home to a two lane 100m running track. This is a 3DMax render with just the sun and environment settings for effect. I think it looks cool as a white model render, you can tell me your thoughts on it. 
I designed most of this myself and some of it by accident. I started pulling it together in sketchup then brought it into ADT and 3DMax to make changes to the stair , which is now an open riser central cantilevered stair. Also made the changes to the frame of the aerobics area and was able to create the glass. 

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